There is always plenty to do up north!

In fact, there is so much we can’t even keep up. That’s why we recommend visiting the Destination Moosehead Lake Events Page to discover all of the possibilities.

Have fun!

T4 Survival Fall Camp

T4 Survival Camp October 2019 – Destination Training with the Best in the Business! This Camp was designed for civilians who want to have the confidence to carry their firearm and to learn the skills necessary to defend themselves and their loved ones by being immersed in our exclusive live fire training in the North … Continue Reading

Goat School at Turning Page Farm

Goat School® is the answer to the question “Where can I learn about goats and get some hands-on experience before I purchase my first goat?” If you have been dreaming about starting your farm or homestead but lack any real hands on experience with goats, this course is designed for you. Goat School® is a … Continue Reading

Steamship Katahdin Fly-In Cruise

Experience the International Seaplane Fly-in from a unique vantage point! This one-hour cruise takes you to the West Cove of Moosehead Lake and back, offering an up close and personal view of seaplane contests.