B-52 Crash Site

SEASON:  Spring, Summer, Fall (May to October)

This is a new offering this year, and a truly unique and unforgettable experience for all ages.

Take a guided tour to the B-52 Site on Elephant Mountain, a somber memorial of the crash of a B-52 bomber doing training maneuvers in January of 1963.  All but two crew members perished, and those two spent the night in a blizzard on this remote mountain—suffering temperatures dipping to -28 degrees Fahrenheit and five feet of snow—before they were rescued.

After the crash site was located the next day, Scott Paper Company dispatched plows from Greenville to clear 10 miles of road with snow drifts up to 15 feet deep. The community pulled together teams of rescuers who had to use snowshoes, dog sleds and snowmobiles to cover the remaining mile to the crash site.

Moosehead Lake residents have preserved the site and the wreckage in honor of the men aboard this flight. Each year in January, a group snowmobile ride is held to this site, and a memorial service takes place.

The tour also includes a brief video with first hand encounters around that fateful day.

Please visit Northeast Whitewater for RATES and to book a trip.