Ice Cave Trips

SEASON:  Spring, Summer, Fall (May to October)

Ice cave excursions, even in the summer!  Heavy boulders that were plowed together by glaciers during the last ice age created the ice caves in Maine’s north woods. There are metal rungs—courtesy of the Nature Conservancy—to climb down into the cave. As you descend the temperature drops – much like walking into an air-conditioned room or freezer, so bring an extra layer with you on this trek!  Tall pines and moss-coated boulders greet you on your hike to and from the cave. This full-day activity allows you to see the magnificent and meandering Penobscot River, Maine’s largest mountain—Katahdin, bald eagles and maybe even a moose!

Guests enjoy the scenic ride on Maine woods roads to and from the caves, while listening to interpretive guiding. Once the destination is reached, the round-trip hike to the ice caves is 4 miles, so sturdy walking shoes are recommended.

Please visit Northeast Whitewater for RATES and to book a trip.