Moose & Wildlife Safari

SEASON:  Spring, Summer, Fall (May to October)

Moose Tour On the Water:
Nothing is more awe-inspiring than coming around a bend in the river and finding yourself face to face with a magnificent bull moose. These gentle, trusting creatures love remote ponds and streams. The best way to find moose is by slipping quietly into their wilderness habitat. We arrange completely outfitted moose watching trips for you with a Registered Maine Guide. Explore hidden ponds in a kayak or canoe and search for these majestic creatures.

Moose Tour On the Land:
This guided interpretive nature tour consists of great scenery, moose and wildlife watching, infused with local history and lore. The Moosehead Lake region’s backcountry can be a bit overwhelming to the visitor with its vast road network and thousands of acres of undeveloped lands. With a Registered Maine Guide leading the tour you don’t have to worry about which road you’re on or if you should have made that last turn. You can sit back, enjoy the scenery and enjoy your guide’s company. From scenic mountain vistas to secret moose hangouts this trip has it all.

Please visit Northwoods Outfitters or Northeast Whitewater to book a trip.