SEASON: Winter (December – Late March, depending on trail conditions)

The Moosehead Trail provides for 160 miles of groomed and scenic snowmobiling around the lake. Gas and food are available along the way. Over 300 miles of groomed and well marked trails connect with Maine’s Interconnecting Trail System. Snowmobile right from your cabin onto this extensive trail system. Snowmobile rentals are available nearby.



Our Maine Guides will lead you on a fun and beautiful snowmobiling cruise through the snow covered trees and scenic vistas of Maine’s fabled woods and mountains. Your guide can lead you both onto and away from the Interstate Trail System (ITS) snowmobile trails. The Moosehead area has hundreds of miles of “backcountry” trails, many of which are not on the local snowmobile trail maps. Some of these trails lead to beautiful scenic outlooks. Others meander through densely wooded trails that haven’t yet seen human visitors this season.

Please visit Northwoods Outfitters for RATES and to book a trip.